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Vocab Arcade
Over 40 vocabulary games to play while learning the words and definitions for your class!

Single License (Full Suite): $19.99
Single License (Individual Activities): $1.99 ea.

Vocab Arcade has over 40 vocabulary enrichment games in one package! Games are great for all levels (kindergarten through adult) and can be used for any word lists you enter! Teachers enter the vocabulary lists with words or phrases that the students are currently studying in class. When the students get on the computer, they can learn the words with a variety of games that are designed to enhance spelling, word meaning, word recognition, and more. You can enter you own vocabulary lists to play and practice with!

Any number of vocabulary lists can be created and stored. It is unbelievable how excited students will get about learning vocabulary with this program! Best of all, since it is completely flexible, Vocab Arcade is effective for any subject! SAT Practice, Foreign Language, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies. The technology adjusts to your curriculum. Vocab Arcade makes learning the vocabulary more fun and effective.

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