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License Information

All of Gepeto Software's programs are available for download for a free evaluation. This allows you to "try before you buy" and see how the program works. Although the free version has some features disabled, it will allow you to see the program in action and realize its potential. When you purchase a license, you will receive a personalized license code to enter in the product's "Registration" screen which will enable all of the features in the product. The license never expires. Registered users are also entitled to free upgrades to all future versions of the program.


Single-User License:
License to install and register the full program on a single machine. With this license, the program cannot be installed on more than one computer at any time.


Special Teacher License:
Made especially with teachers in mind, for just a few dollars more than the single-user license, this special license allows teachers to install the full program on both their home and classroom computers.


Lab-Pack Licenses:
License to install the full program on up to ten computers. This value-priced license pack is ideal for classrooms with multiple computers.


Site License:
License to install the full program on an unlimited number of computers within the licensed school or business. A site license is required to run any registered program from a Local Area Network (LAN). This license also permits use of the registered program on mobile (laptop) computers that are owned by the licensed school or business. The license does not permit home use by students or teachers and does not permit the programs to be used on the Internet or a Wide Area Network (WAN) where the program can be accessed from beyond the licensed site. (Products created with the programs, such as online surveys or activities can be posted on the internet...)