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ActivityMaker Vocabulary Suite
(Individual Activities)
Create vocabulary worksheets, puzzles, and quizzes in minutes from your words and definitions!

Single License (Full Suite): $25.00
Single License (Individual Activities): $2.99 ea.

ActivityMaker Vocabulary Suite is an incredible all-in-one vocabulary worksheet and puzzle creator, making over THREE DOZEN different types of worksheets from your words and definitions! You enter a list of words and definitions (or use lists from Vocab Arcade or Web Activitymaker), then follow the simple steps to create various quizzes, crossword puzzles, shaped word searches, scramble worksheets, "secret code" worksheets, riddle activities, alphabetize worksheets, study guides, definition fill-in sheets, and more. A wide variety of printable, engaging activities available in seconds. Edit and add graphics using the easy interface or use the easy "export" function to bring up the worksheet directly in your favorite word processor!
An unlimited resource for quick and easy educational activities right at your fingertips.

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Mail a program CD: Includes all downloadable software on a single disk for backup purposes or computers not connected to the internet.
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